Marea Playa Blanca

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Marea Playa Blanca
Property ID: HCV-149
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Plot Size: 3210 sq ft
Swimming Pool: Yes
Property Type: Condo
Built in: Zihuatanejo
25 February, 2016


The Inspiration for Marea really came from an internal desire to live a better life. For years i lived a corporate life where i had to battle deadlines, meetings and traffic. Like most people i enjoyed my work but i kept thinking there should be more than this to life. Why are the truly enjoyable times left to a couple of hours of the week?

It was during that time i got the opportunity to move to zihuatanejo and follow a dream. I always wanted to create something special that would allow everyone to live a more fulfilling life. This dream started with Las palmas, a small 6 room hotel, which is now a beautiful 31 room boutique condo hotel. I knew it was time to take our dream higher and make our commitment to our vision even stronger so Marea was born.

Marea is our chance to create the community we´ve always wanted. The setting could´t be more perfect. Locate on a pristine 9-mile beach the property has 460 meters for beachfront, a 75 hectare lagoon and a small mountain that overlook the property. It´s the perfect beginning to our community.

While Marea starts with a beautiful setting the really special part happens with the community we will create. It starts with our people ant the level of enthusiasm and commitment they bring to what they do every day. It results in a community that will give people the opportunity to do all the things the´ve always wanted to do but never had the time. Whether that´s relaxing on the beach or exploring their inner artist. Marea will have something for everyone. Really this is each person´s chance to connect with them, connect with nature and connect with each other.

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